Every CrossFitter should sign up for the Open

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized


cfopenAs a CrossFit coach, my favorite part about CrossFit is seeing the improvements of others, and seeing the excitement in people when they accomplish things that were seemingly impossible to them. The CrossFit community is unlike any other. It offers support, motivation, encouragement, and competition. At no other time throughout the year is the excitement and anticipation higher than during the CrossFit Open. As coaches we always encourage athletes to participate and sign up. People usually balk at the idea and they feel they’re not ready, don’t see the point if their not planning on going to the games, or just don’t want to drop 20 bucks. I am sad to see so many I’ve talked to,  plan on not participating this year. With new modified, teen, and other divisions, i think EVERYONE should be doing the open for the following few reasons.

  1. Motivation. When you have invested something (even as small as $20) you will work harder and force yourself to do more than you would without any personal or monetary investment.
  2. Competition- Competition increases motivation. When you are going head to head with others, whether one or tens-of-thousands, we can accomplish amazing things during competition, especially the open. How many thousands of people got their first muscle up last year in the Open when the pressure of competition raised performance? Ask runners when their last PR was not during organized race. The same principle can be applied to the CrossFit Open. Many of us competed as kids. When we become adults, we often feel like we need to move on. We may compete for jobs and accounts, but more often than not, we have forgotten the thrill of competition.
  3. Accountability – If you don’t sign up, you can’t compare yourself to the rest of the field. Sure, you can do the WOD and look to see where you would finish up, but that would be a false representation, as the judging standards are not the same, and you must take into account all of the other thousands of people doing the same thing. Simply put, if you want to accurately compare yourself to the field, you must be accountable to the standards of the workout, which means signing up and giving it your all. Additionally entering the games exposes weaknesses. There is something more ‘real’ when your weakness is exposed by results on the leaderboard. The games will show you where you really are right now!
  4. Appreciation: After competing with your box, community, region and the world, you gain an appreciation of how far you have come and it feels good to compete and accomplish something competitive, regardless of the results. Additionally, you gain an appreciation of the fitness levels of the Games Athletes, and their level of dedication, commitment and fitness.
  5. Fun: Lastly it is fun. It is fun to gather on Thursday night, watch the announcement, strategize, encourage, and ultimately attack a WOD that means something.cfopen2.png

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